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PV Edge is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB). PV Edge serves as a 100% independent Wholesale trade, Solar panel & BOS Systems manufacturer sales and services company. Request an Estimate - See the Savings - PV Edge in many cases provides a price per watt that is traditionally below what you will find publicly. You have nothing to lose by requesting a estimate. Our business model is different. We work to source at the point of location. We work to remove supply layers, increasing your potential savings. Do you have new excess panels? Reach out we may be able to find a home for those too!


What We Do -

PV Edge has two main focuses: PV Edge’s primary goal is developing and building a long-term relationship with you. Name brand, Tier 1 Manufacturers, Grade "A," Photovoltaics and Balance of Systems equipment. Our Business is based on the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) business methodology. Transparent, Honest and always remembering to treat you like "We" want to be treated. We serve both the COMMERICAL AND GOVERNMENTAL marketplaces.


Tier 1 Manufacturers, Grade "A" Photovoltaics and Balance of Systems (B.O.S.) Equipment

PV Edge prefers to source Tier 1 manufactured, employing Grade A cells. Generally, PV Edge will NOT quote Tier 2 or 3, Grade B, C and D-cells. Tier 1 Manufacturers are the TOP 2% of all Manufacturers. PV Edge prefers Tier 1 due to the fact that in most cases tier 1 products are Vertically Integrated employing advanced Robotics employing manufacturing experience in excess of 5 years which provide high availability in most cases and most importantly are considered a "Bankable" product.


Yes, Panel and BOS Equipment Warranties Are the Manufacturers Listed Warranty.

Well recognized, reputable Tier 1 manufacturers and well-known BOS equipment manufacturers provide the manufactures stated warranty for that specific panel or BOS equipment. All warranty/RMA issues are taken care of between you and the manufacturer directly. PV Edge serves to align customer requirements with manufactured products, support the sale, terms and delivery. Panels and BOS equipment are purchased directly from manufacturers, EPC's, manufacturer networks, distributors or other legitimate supply sources and shipped to the requested delivery address. PV Edge does not & will not source from grey or other markets.

More About PV Edge

PV Edge Provides Robust Equipment and Services:

How Does PV Edge Provide Quality Services? By sourcing your requirements efficiently, ethically and professionally and delivering some of the best pricing per watt you’re going to find. PV Edge will even provide agreements to customers whom purchase +15MW a year providing a transparent ceiling and limiting our profit margins to a set agreed to value. If we are both transparent as to the needs and goals – It is a win-win solution for PV Edge and our clients. WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS.

PV Edge Works on Your Behalf:

PV Edge Works on Your Behalf - Once PV Edge understands the requirements, we immediately begin sourcing to meet your stated needs. If no allocation can be made, we inform you and suggest "alternate" panels same wattage.

PV Edge Serves Customers Within the Unites States ONLY:

Great news: For equipment with an ultimate destination outside of the United States - Customers may ship to their end customers if out-of-country however, PV Edge shall not be the “Exporter of Record” and you shall be responsible for any freight, taxes, export fee’s and/or any licensing requirements.

More Information About PV Edge | VOSB's & Government Procurement | Estimates & Ordering:

A copy of the PV Edge Privacy Statement can be request via the following email address: pvedgeservices@pvedge.com

  • No one can purchase products from the website directly and there are no provisions at this time allowing set up of user accounts or information directly via the website.
  • PV Edge Host company may place within your Browser, cookies or other common web technologies when serving up our pages to you.
  • We do not directly capture, use, store or market your information in any way from your visit to the PV Edge Website.


  • Generally, we will look to sell any wattage Solar Panel as long as it is still “factory packaged”.


Please email us at pvedgeservices@pvedge.com with the following information:

  • Confirmation in weeks you are willing to “Hold-in-place” to secure a buyer
    • PV Edge likes 2-4 weeks to sell them
  • Solar Panel Manufacturer (Name)
  • Quantity of Panels available
  • Your asking price (Price Per Watt ((PPW))
  • Location Zip (For Freight)
  • If Dock is available or not (Commerical / Non-commercial)
    • We will require images
    • We will require proof of ownership
    • We in most cases would handle freight out of your facility to the ultimate end customer


Standard Business information required to provide an estimate for your company:

  • Name of Company & Billing address
  • Contact information
  • Confirmation you hold in hand and can provide:
    • Resale License, Agricultural Exemption or proof of other State Exemption for the State of the delivery location.
      • Some States provide exemptions removing the requirement for the collection of Sales Tax for Solar equipment.
    • If you do not have one of the above – Your estimate will include Sales Tax at the required percentage (%) for that State and City.
      • Some States have a different Tax rate for different cities.
    • PLEASE NOTE: NEXUS law dictates: “Sales Tax shall be collected for the destination/delivery location when required”.
      • PV Edge will not form a Nexus on your behalf
        • Specific or generic Panel requirements:
          • Target price
          • Model # or Cell, wattage requirements
          • QTY requirements
          • Zip Code or full delivery address
          • If Freight is required
            • If Liftgate services are required (if not to a commercial loading dock address)
          • PV Edge will present to you at the time of first estimate our customer intake form which requests specific business information for our systems and PV Edge standard Terms and Conditions, (Terms of Sale) for your review, acceptance and signature. Estimates will not be converted to an invoice nor will orders be placed on your behalf without a return of the business information and agreement to the Terms of Sale within the customer intake form.

PV Edge is a high-volume provider of Solar Photovoltaics and Balance of Systems (B.O.S) equipment.

  •  The minimum is one (1) full truck load for Solar Panels
    • Wattage varies depending on Wattage of the panels
  • The minimum for B.O.S is 1 pallet minimum
    • This may vary dependent on the B.O.S equipment

Below is related to different tiers and grades related to standard Solar panels.

PV Edge prefers to source Tier 1 manufactured, employing Grade A cells.

  • Tier 1 Manufacturers are the TOP 2% of all Manufacturers. PV Edge prefers Tier 1.
    • Vertically Integrated
    • Advanced Robotics generally used
    • Manufacturing for more than 5 years
    • HEAVY R&D
    • High availability in most cases.
    • Bankable
  • Tier 2 Manufacturers
    • Small to Medium sized Manufacturers
    • Limited or near -0- R&D
    • Partial Robotic use when processing
    • Human, manual labor which can show in the final process (differences between panels of the same type)
    • Manufacturing for 2-5 years
  • Tier 3 Manufacturers
    • In most cases no R&D
    • Panel assemblies only and most do not manufacture Silicon Solar Cells
    • Human, manual labor which can show in the final process (differences between panels of the same type)
    • Panel assemblies and alike for 1-2 years on average
    • Grade A Cells (Preferred in all cases): No visible defects. Cells can be measured with cell testing equipment. Generally, grade A cells can have a bend,<=2.0mm and some color variation that is limited.
    • Grade B Cells: Visible with some limited defects. Color deviations may make up more then 1/4th of the surface area. Bends may be 2.0-2.5mm.
    • There may be paste leakage, scratches and/ or watermarks.
    • Grade C Cells: Visible defects, electrical specifications don’t meet listed specification. Worse cell condition then Grade B and Grade C cells may also be broken or be of reused content. ~No value at all to source via PV Edge.
    • Grade D Cells: Broken and of no value. ~No value at all to source via PV Edge.

When Requesting a Quote Estimate –

In all cases, these are commodity items which were available at time of estimate.


  • Your customer information for our files
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale for review and signature.
  • Estimates are generally good for 7-14 days however we do not control nor is PV Edge responsible if the equipment estimated is sold prior to your purchase.
    • These can be a longer in term IF allocating monthly deliveries with agreement from the manufacture or sourcing points.
  • We will confirm final availability when you indicate you will be proceeding.
  • If it is determined that the equipment previously estimated is no longer available, we will work to source alternate equipment and inform you for your determination.
  • PV Edge will re-estimate if applicable.

You Requested an Estimate and now you want to place the order

After you review the estimate & determine that you are ready to purchase, PV Edge will need:

  • Confirmation to PV Edge that you wish to proceed.
  • Other general information from your company that was not presented during the initial estimate phase to finalize your company setup in our systems.
  • Resale License, Agricultural Exemption or proof of other State Exemption for the State of the delivery location for our records. This must be presented AND on file OR we will be required to collect the Sales Tax. Tax is collected for the “destination State location.”
  • Wire Transfer – This is the only way that PV Edge accepts payments.
    • Wire Transfer information is within your estimate and/or invoice.
      • If you require a final invoice prior to Wire Transfer, this can be provided or you can simply pay the amount due from the estimate.
    • PV Edge will confirm to you when the Wire Transfer is complete and the source of supply has accepted PV Edge Wire Transfer to them.

Tier 1 as related to Solar panels is related to Manufacturers and their rankings:

  •  Ranked by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation for:
    • Manufacturers that are rated for bank-ability (can be financed) and/or Manufacturer financial stability
    • Manufacturing for a minimum of 5 years
    • Manufacturers that have provided Photovoltaics for at least 5 separate projects + with non-recourse financing over no more then 2-years.
    • Manufacturers must directly own their manufacturing facilities
    • Competitive advantages due to ongoing Research & Development (R&D)
  • Designed to produce power for 25 years
  • Appropriate Certifications and Certificates of Conformance (CoC) are available.
  • Bankable

Does PV Edge have access to other Tiers or grades?

PV Edge prefers to source Tier 1 manufactured, employing Grade A cells.

  • PV Edge will NOT quote Tier 2 or 3, Grade B, C and D-cells.



  • Tier 1 Manufacturers are the TOP 2% of all Manufacturers. PV Edge prefers Tier 1.
  • Vertically Integrated
  • Advanced Robotics generally used
  • Manufacturing for more than 5 years
  • High availability in most cases.
  • Bankable

As a VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business) we can help you with:

  • Commercial projects: – at any level
  • US Government: – may require escrow or equivalent – Case-by-Case.
    • Additional requirements generally required vs standard commercial business
  • State Government: – (State, County, Municipalities, Schools, etc.)
    • Ability to source to ARRA or BAA compliant requirements when required.
    • Ability to source within the USA or sourced from other global sources.

PV Edge is certified in SAM, holds Cage Code and related as required per Government requirements and ready to help you be successful.


  • The government spends an average of $33 BILLION with veteran businesses, while $6 BILLION is directly set aside for VOSB & SDVOSB certified companies only.
  • That if you are a Large Business (LB) Contractor with a Government contract over $750K that you are required to provide a Small Business Plan that shows Government how much you plan from your award to procure from VOSB and other Small Business Set-asides and THIS could be a deciding factor.
  • Large Business, ECP’s when submitting bids to Government can in some cases gain an advantage when sourcing from VOSB firms.
    • You are following Small Business Requirements by the U.S. Government.
  • Related to the VA through the VA’s “rule of two,” a contract must be set aside if there are two or more qualified SDVOSB firms that can perform the contract.
  • Receive access to sole-source (no-bid) contracts.
  • Opportunities are set aside strictly for veteran firms only to participate.
  • Receive endless subcontracting opportunities from prime contractors who have SDVOSB & VOSB subcontracting goals on contracts.