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PV Edge is a Veteran Owned Small Business. PV Edge serves as a 100% independent Solar panel manufacturer sales and services broker. In Many cases, PV Edge has representative agents in-country supporting direct negotiations while properly observing the rules and courtesies of the respective culture. PV Edge has two main focuses: custom small watt panel design & procurement, Grade "A" (1w-175w, @ 100kW - 2MW MOQ) and Brokering of name brand, Tier 1 Manufactures, Grade "A," 60, 72 or 96-cell, commercial PV large volume (3+MW - 100 MW MOQ) purchases. You can also visit us on Facebook via our page: PV Edge.


Small Watt Panel Design, Prototype and Purchasing

PV Edge shares your specification and quantity requirements with vetted suppliers and manufacturers for initial feasibility of meeting 100% of your requirements. Designed, Proto'd & Manufactured to meet your design specific needs. Employing leading manufacturers of Grade "A" panels. Small watt, Class 1, Division 2 Grade "A" panels are also available as a standard or custom product to meet your needs.


Tier 1 Manufacturers, Grade "A" Panel Services 3+MW -100MW | Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Bifacial and Black on Black 60, 72 or 96-Cell

While other dabble in offering Balance of Systems (BoS) components, PV Edge stays true to it's specialty. Our Procurement services specialize in the sourcing, procurement and delivery of Photovoltaic PV panels at rock bottom prices. Rest assured, we can align you with other suppliers to support your BoS needs. PVEdge can source 60, 72 or 96-cell Photovoltaic Panels. BAA and ARRA compliant Panels may also be requested and sourced.


Yes, Panel Warranties Are The Manufacturers Listed Warranty.

Well recognized, reputable Tier 1 manufacturers. Panels purchased carry the manufactures stated warranty for that specific panel. For Custom Small Watt Panels the Warranty is generally 5-10 years. For standard Tier 1 manufactured Photovoltaics a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer is the general standard. All warranty issues are taken care of between you and the manufacturer directly. PV Edge serves as a Broker to align and support the sale, terms and delivery. Panels are purchased directly from manufacturers, EPC's, or manufacturer networks or other legitimate Broker supply sources.

Why Choose Us

PV Edge is a Veteran Owned Small Business. PV Edge serves as a 100% independent Solar panel manufacturer sales and services broker.

Our #1 goal is developing and building a long term relationship with you. How? By sourcing your requirements efficiently and professionally and delivering some of the best pricing per watt your going to find.

PV Edge Works on Your Behalf.

Once PV Edge understands the requirements we immediately begin sourcing to meet your stated needs. If no allocation can be made, we inform you and suggest "alternate" panels same wattage (if available and approved to do so) for your review.

Request a Quote - See The Savings

PV Edge in many cases provides a price per watt that is traditionally far below what you will find publicly. You have nothing to lose by requesting a quote from us. Our business model is different. We source at the point. We keep the many layers of brokers out of the mix, increasing your potential savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

PV Edge is a high volume provider of Solar Photovoltaics. To achieve exceptional pricing we require the following MOQ’s (Minimum Ordering Quantities):

Small Watt Standard & Custom Panels:

  • 100kW-2MW MOQ

Tier 1 Manufacturers, Grade “A” Panels

  • 3+MW – 100MW

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Below is related to different tiers and grades in regards to standard Solar panels. PV Edge prefers to source Tier 1 manufactured, employing Grade A cells.

PV Edge will NOT quote Tier 2 or 3, Grade B, C and D-cells.


  • Tier 1 Manufacturers are the TOP 2% of all Manufacturers. PV Edge prefers Tier 1.
    • Vertically Integrated
    • Advanced Robotics generally used
    • Manufacturing for more then 5 years
    • HEAVY R&D
    • High availability in most cases.
    • Bankable
  • Tier 2 Manufacturers
    • Small to Medium sized Manufacturers
    • Limited or near -0- R&D
    • Partial Robotic use when processing
    • Human, manual labor which can show in the final process (differences between panels of the same type)
    • Manufacturing for 2-5 years
  • Tier 3 Manufacturers
    • In most cases no R&D
    • Panel assemblies only and most do not manufacture Silicon Solar Cells
    • Human, manual labor which can show in the final process (differences between panels of the same type)
    • Panel assemblies and alike for 1-2 years on average
    • Grade A Cells (Preferred in all cases): No visible defects. Cells can be measured with cell testing equipment. Generally grade A cells can have a bend,<=2.0mm and some color variation that is limited.
    • Grade B Cells: Visible with some limited defects. Color deviations may make up more then 1/4th of the surface area. Bends may be 2.0-2.5mm.
    • There may be paste leakage, scratches and/ or watermarks.
    • Grade C Cells: Visible defects, electrical specifications don’t meet listed specification. Worse cell condition then Grade B and Grade C cells may also be broken or be of reused content. ~No value at all to source via PV Edge.
    • Grade D Cells: Broken and of no value. ~No value at all to source via PV Edge.

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PV Edge is easy to work with. PV Edge has one of the lowest business overheads in the industry. This means we can provide pricing that is extremely hard to match in most cases.

How to Request a Quote (RFQ)?

The fastest way is to visit us on Facebook and search for “PV Edge” and shoot us a messenger note. You can also visit the top of any page and click the Facebook icon. You must be logged into your Facebook account as we only serve B2B and B2G within the United States only.

It is important to note that we only work with established business in the United States with delivery within the United States.

  • If you already know your PV panel model#, manufacturer and quantity requirements simply visit the RFQ request form and send PV Edge this information.
  • In either case – make sure to indicate by checking the box if “alternate” panels may also be quoted for your review at the same wattage.
  • Generally, PV Edge strives to source quickly and will either send you a quote or make a call to you for further clarification within 24-48 hours (Mon-Fri). Keep in mind that many of our manufacturers are out of country. We may not be able (due to timezone differences) to speak with in country representatives immediately due to these timezone and day differences.
    • Solar panels are a commodity, sold on a global scale and these volume levels sell QUICKLY. If your not prepared to move forward with an immediate purchase or initiating factory allocation for your projects, consider waiting to request RFQ.
        • PV Edge never guarantees availability until the order is fully negotiated and confirmed, agreements are signed and the funds are Wire transfered and confirmed accepted by our banking institution.
        • PVEdge will begin placing your panels on “hold” with the select manufacturer or partner while awaiting receipt of funds for the specific order. Payment is expected within 48 hours or as negotiated at that time for that specific order.
        • Product availability is subject to change without prior notification.
        • Products will not be allocated fully until funds are in receipt.
    • With full transparency related to the scope of your project and timeline – Many source / manufacturers will allocate panels for with 30-50% down, non-refundable.
  • High volume purchasing coupled with excellent pricing really becomes a proverb which is 100% true: “The Early Bird Catches the Worm”.

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Tier 1 as related to Solar panels is related to Manufacturers and their rankings:

  • ¬†Ranked by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation for:
    • Manufacturers that are rated for bank-ability (can be financed) and/or Manufacturer financial stability
    • Manufacturing for a minimum of 5 years
    • Manufacturers that have provided Photovoltaics for at least 5 separate projects + with non-recourse financing over no more then 2-years.
    • Manufacturers must directly own their manufacturing facilities
    • Competitive advantages due to ongoing Research & Development (R&D)
  • Designed to produce power for 25 years
  • Appropriate Certifications and Certificates of Conformance (CoC) are available.
  • Bankable

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PV Edge has several working partnerships that support development of Small Watt Photovoltaics (1-175w) standard or custom specific Solar Panels. Small Watt panels may only be purchased in most cases from from 100kW – 2MW PER Order.

Special terms apply for custom panels. Characteristics below:

  • Small Watt Panels (1-175W) Standard or Custom Grade “A”
  • MOQ 100kW-2MW
  • Class I, Division 2, Grade “A” is also available.
  • Custom to your Specification and the test results proof from the manufacturer.
  • Monocrystalline
  • Excellent module Efficiency
  • Mounting provisions possible
  • Maximizes System¬†Output In Low Light
  • Guaranteed No Hotspot
  • Guaranteed Positive Output Tolerance (0+3%)
  • Withstands High Wind (2400 Pa) and Snow Loads (5400 Pa)
  • Excellent Performance in all Environments
    • WARRANTY –
  • 5 years at 95% or above
  • 5 more years at 90% or above
  • 15 more years at 80% or above
  • 10 year material & workmanship guarantee
  • United States of America or other “Qualifying” Country (As Related to U.S. Government procurement)

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PV Edge is a VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business) based in Washington State with sourcing points throughout the World. PV Edge serves as an Independent Manufacturers Broker Representative and in many cases with representation within the country of manufacturing. With over 40 years of combined experience, PV Edge has the contacts that matter when it comes to sourcing.

PV Edge has two main focal points:

  • Tier 1 Manufacturers, Grade A, 60, 72 or 96-Cell, Poly, Mono, Bi-Facial and Black on Black Panels
    • (3+ MW – 100MW) per order.
    • Can be ARRA or BAA compliant when required.
    • Can be sourced from the USA or sourced from global sources.


  • Small Watt Standard or Custom Panels (1-175w) Grade “A”.
  • Class I, Division 2, Grade A, Mono are also available as a standard or custom product.
    • 100kW – 2MW per order.

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